African Studies

African Studies Program

The African Studies Program offers interdisciplinary courses leading to a Minor or Major Concentration for students seeking to acquire a deeper understanding of the African continent and its diverse peoples. Established in 1969, it was the first of its kind in Canada. Students will acquire an appreciation of the contributions of Africa to world culture and civilization, and an awareness of the continent’s current struggle to achieve development.


African Studies offers a Major and a Minor Concentration, and a Joint Honours Program.

To register for an African Studies program, you must have been offered admission into the Bachelor of Arts program at McGill. Please refer to this link for further information:



After a two-year hiatus, the Rift Valley Institute is returning to run  annual field courses. Check out the link below.
New Book launched by Professor Khalid Medani – Black Markets and Militants
AFRI 200
Introduction to African Studies

African Studies: The African experience and current approaches to African studies, through adopting multidisciplinary perspectives on topics that include political conflict, governance and democratization, environment and conservation, economic development, rural life and urbanism, health and illness, gender, social change, popular culture, literature, film, and the arts.

AFRI 401
Swahili Language and Culture

African Studies: Basic knowledge of the Swahili language and culture with emphasis on handling circumstances that might be encountered in field research: everyday conversation, developing aural and oral skills and mastering basic grammar rules, understanding cultural norms and practices, issues of culture sensitivity and appropriateness.


AFRI 480
Honours Thesis
African Studies: Supervised reading, research and preparation of an undergraduate thesis under the direction of a staff member.
AFRI 481
Special Topics 1

African Studies: Supervised reading in advanced special topics in African Studies under the direction of a member of staff.

AFRI 499
Arts Internship: African Studies
African Studies: Internship with an approved host institution or organization.
AFRI 598
Arts Internship: African Studies

African Studies: An interdisciplinary research seminar on topics of common interest to staff and students of the African Studies Program. As part of their contribution, students will prepare a research paper under the supervision of one or more members of staff.